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Met Office Globe
After the success of Beyond The Smart City 2015, we’d like to show appreciation to all our sponsors, and we’ve already blogged about the organisations we worked with to deliver the event. However the people we haven’t thanked properly yet are the Met Office team who made it all happen – starting with CIO Charlie Ewen, who listened to our early idea for a ‘Smart Rural’ event and offered us the Met Office conference facility as the perfect venue, and continuing through to the events team who took charge of all the logistics and tech support for us. We hope you’ll agree it was an excellent day, thanks to the winning combination of facilities and support.
We approached the Met Office in the first place because there’s an obvious and clear link between the work they’re doing and the projects we want to build. Weather data proved to be at the heart of any of the projects we heard about at BTSC, based around agriculture, food supply chains and environmental impacts. Then again Devon as a county is known for its leisure and tourism industries, also benefiting from knowing what the weather is going to do next. And finally, as a serious counterpoint – effective knowledge helps us predict whether we can travel safely, or how extreme weather might impact vulnerable people or isolated rural areas. Building on all of this helps everyone contribute to a vibrant economy and resilient communities.
Here at ODI Devon we are looking at a number of projects to help people be safe, healthy and productive using open data about infrastructure, conditions and economic factors; we hope to continue to work with Met Office to find ways to add their wealth of information into these ideas; to make the most of the computing and information gathering power they can command, mixed with the research, expertise and local knowledge from other partners.

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