Connecting Through Technology

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This Saturday (28th May) we’re running our very first ThingsCamp, a day of open exploration with Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices.

This first event pulls together some of the ideas we’ve been thinking about since our Beyond the Smart City conference last year: what is the role of technology, and data, in more sustainable, liveable futures? In other words, how does technology connect us to what matters?

The web is full of articles about how technology can separate us from things: from jobs, from reality, from each other. We worry about our screen time, or that of our children. Technology brings us new pleasures but it takes away some of the old ones, like time spent in nature.

Potentially, however, the explosion in connected devices offers something far better than an escape: it offers new ways of connecting with the physical world: measuring it, understanding it, appreciating it, helping it. So we want to explore that, with others, and discover new possibilities for IoT. Or, more importantly, what IoT can do for us.

But this very first ThingsCamp isn’t about solemnly solving problems. We’re not asking people to join us on an environmental crusade. Rather, it’s an opportunity to get together, have fun and play with technology while we collectively imagine new ways to interface the physical world with the internet. Hopefully finding meaningful connections on the way.

You can get your free ticket (and more details) for ThingsCamp on the Eventbrite page.

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