ThingsCamp 2


As the cost of connecting things to the internet approaches zero the question of whether we can increasingly becomes one of whether we should: where technology makes things possible we need, more than ever, to explore the human value of those possibilities through design. And as technology becomes both more specialised and more commonplace, the connections and understanding that people have with it become weaker.

Not only does design offer us the means through which we can mitigate the weaker connections; it also helps us to better implement, understand and benefit from these technologies. Most importantly, design provides us with the ideas and approaches to make present and future technologies more participatory and human.

In order to better understand the design implications and opportunities of the Internet of Things we’re delighted to be bringing our second ThingsCamp to Ravensbourne on November 9th as part of its Master of Design course. The MDes students will facilitate this one day event, but they’ll also be challenging attendees to consider the wider design perspectives through their own sessions.

Ravensbourne’s MDes explores design thinking and strategy in its broadest sense: last year’s course included modules on service design, social innovation, luxury brand management and transition design among other approaches. ThingsCamp will provide an opportunity to consider IoT and design beyond just products and interfaces: what does it really mean when our physical world is connected?

ThingsCamp is open to anyone, whether you have an interest in hardware, coding, data, design or just the human implications. It’s also a great opportunity to benefit from the talent and ideas of Ravensbourne’s multi-disciplinary students. Tickets are free and available now. If you want to help on the day or sponsor the event in some way then fill out this simple form. We hope to see you there.


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