ThingsCamp (28 May) is part hack and part citizen science fair, bringing together the hardware and ideas that connect us with where we live.

Smart technologies are increasingly pervasive, and yet we still rarely have contact with them or opportunities to explore the possibilities. ThingsCamp is about getting hands on with hardware and exploring new applications.

We’re looking for a cross section of technologists, data scientists, academics, local government people, entrepreneurs and, most importantly, members of the public to join us. We’ll provide devices but we’re looking for people with particular interests and specialisms to bring more. For example:

  • Internet-enabled devices for land-based applications: everything from open source pollution monitors to homemade citizen science kits.
  • Airborne smart devices, from drones to satellites, and DIY solutions.
  • Technology for monitoring seas, coastline and inland waterways, including flood systems.

We’ll create the opportunity for open discussion, workshops, hacks and prototyping activities to make the most of the day.

Get your ticket now and follow @thingscamp or search #thingscamp on Twitter. ThingsCamp is supported by UKGovCamp, Market Hall and Plymouth City Council.