BEYOND.PLACE is a pioneering laboratory specialised in developing next generation environments for virtual reality. We investigate the future design archetypes of virtual architecture. And we help brands and developers to place their content inside truly immersive spaces, already today.

Our places are created by following an abstract design typology. They are VR native, joyful and super unique. They can be implemented into VR applications used for training, meetings, presentations, content creation, relaxation etc.

Our technology enables shared development processes in real-time. We are able to build tailor-made results together with our collaborators directly inside VR.


Next Generation Virtual Architecture

Generative Design Development

Procedural Shader Development

VR User Interface Development

VR Design Consulting

Immersion, Immersion, Immersion

Applications in VR are typically presented inside spaces that copy known archetypes of physically built architecture. Spending an extended amount of time inside skeuomorphic spaces with fake materials, fake lights etc can increase an uncomfortable feeling for the user. Restraints towards the aesthetics of virtual realities are often related to this disguise.

Enjoy our worlds

We generate VR native environments that place the user inside spaces beyond the visual vocabulary of physical representation. Our abstract designs can be easily identified as ‘virtual’ and therefore be accepted and enjoyed for what they are.

The tech behind

We use state-of-the-art tools to develop our spaces. Complex procedural codes and artificial intelligence are used to create unique and tailor made solutions. Our technology enables shared development processes in real-time. Environments can then be exported in various ways to be compatible with popular platforms. 

We go even further

We have started to conduct a specific research program on the ergonomics of abstract VR places. Our aim is to ultimately optimise human well-being and overall system performance within abstract VR environments.

Research Partners


BEYOND.PLACE was founded by Simon Husslein and Arne Magold to create immersive worlds together with pioneering developers and brands. Our team consists of experts from various fields of work such as design, engineering, research and psychology. We are dedicated to creating the best possible results for our clients.

Simon Husslein, Co-Founder
Creative Director

Simon Husslein combines more than twenty years of experience in design and interior architecture. He has worked in Zurich, London, Tokyo and Shanghai for a large number of international clients such as Braun, Dornbracht, LG, Nomos Glashütte, and Panasonic. He has won numerous international awards and is a regular jury member for the Red Dot Design Award. Since 2017 he has been a professor of Interior Architecture at Geneva University of Art and Design, HEAD – Genève.

Simon Husslein has directed award-winning virtual reality installations. His passion remains to create the most immersive experiences possible.

Arne Magold, Co-Founder
Creative Technologist, Solution Architect

Arne Magold realises innovative and creative technology projects using the latest real-time technologies. With a foundation in mathematics and engineering he works in the field of human-machine-interaction and procedural generation of geometry and motion. A former development engineer at BMW, he has since implemented numerous projects, interactive installations, and applications for international brands like Audi, Nokia, Bosch, Roche, and Osram. The results can be seen at international trade fairs, museums and showrooms.

With the advent of virtual reality his focus has been shifting to generative design of virtual spaces, where one can ultimately immerse oneself in procedural worlds.